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CelebrateThank you for your business!You should be receiving an order confirmation from Paypal shortly.Exit Shopping Cart The website of Martin Henley and his excellent 1:35 and 1:25 scale excavator models of early JCB, Hymac, Priestman, MF, ETC well worth a visit.

A great website forum for lovers of all construction equipment, chat about classic or new construction machinery of all types, some great pictures too. Another great site and forum for crane operators and enthusiasts alike. A must for the construction machinery collector.This site gives detailed reviews of new models, pictures of the real machines and a whole lot more, this is a great website. Want to hire a Tower Crane - Saddle Jib, Luffing Jib or Magni Articulated jib and Speirings mobile tower crane then visit this website a great company based in the South East. Are you interestead in real cranes and current news on the latest machines too, then visit this website they are linked to cranes today magazine which is packed with interesting information too. It is addictive reading i can vouch for that! An excellent website and a must for any serious model collector regularly updated with info on the latest models. This is an excellent and informative website regarding tower crane accidents world-wide with a superb phot gallery too.